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I am a Cyprus based multi-disciplinary artist, painter, illustrator, designer with a deep sense of aesthetics. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from De Montfort University UK in 2014 and a Master of Visual Communication from Birmingham City University UK in 2015. The same year I started working in the Communication & Interior Design Department of IKEA Cyprus as a Visual Merchandiser, when later on in 2019 I possessed the Home Furnish Advisor position with the launch of the service in the company. In the meanwhile my professional practice involved several Fashion Illustration projects and teaching in Fashion Visualisation.

a r t i s t i c   e x p l o r a t i o n

My practice involves  representational responses and contemporary interpretations to the visual world, lying between realism and abstraction. Been inspired by past and contemporary influences, my artistic aspiration is to explore the intensity and harmony, contradiction and beauty in engaging compositions of the visual world and drive the viewer along with me in this journey. Human face and figure features strongly in my work, as it becomes the fundamental element of communication, enabling me to convey my perception of reality. For me, it is not what but how; how to interpret. Concerned most about my technique rather than the theme, I work with oils, watercolours, ink and pastels, either on canvas or paper. I have been looking for visual sources that would provide me a range of colours and tones, a variety of surfaces and plentiful, complicated compositions to work with.

Whether in the form of painting or illustration, fashion and lifestyle is something that has always been challenging me as an artist. Finding the balance between such contradictive ideas as the substance and appearance of things, is what drives my artistic exploration and give answers to my questions through the passage of time.

E X P L O R E    W O R K

 r e q u e s t   a r t w o r k

c o n t a c t   m e

Commissions are definitely welcomed, as they are new challenges to me. I see them as opportunities to explore more, develop new approaches and enrich my practice through someone else's eyes. The requirements to start the process are:

  • Size of piece

  • Area to be displayed 

  • Colours liked to be incorporated

  • Subject or source (feel free to discuss your ideas with me)

  • Reference to any piece of my work, close to the desired outcome

When the work is done, I send picture​s of it, so we can discuss any necessary changes if need to be made. It is important to me that both parties are happy with the result, client and me. The minimum lead time is 2 months and can vary depending on the project.


Tel. + 357 99 770536

Eleftheriou Kouzapa 1, Lympia, Cyprus 2566